Level 1

Make a commitment and set some goals

This is an easy to complete questionnaire, which allows you to consider changes you could make to your home or the way you live in your home day to day. It is also an opportunity to tell us about things that you already have or do that improve your environmental footprint. This level asks you to create a menu of objectives that you would be prepared to consider. It is not designed to be overly difficult or expensive. It is just asking you to set some goals.


Level 2

Achieve your goals 

From your level 1 questionnaire you will let us know what you have done and supply some proof in the form of photographs or a statement from you. This tells us that you have completed your first set of goals and for that we will award you your Green Plaque. This is a window sticker designed to advertise that you have made the grade. You will also receive discounts and information to help you move forward. At this point you will also enter into our forum and social media groups. This shows that you are a person who is following or has followed a clear path in reducing your environmental impact.


Level 3

Take things to the next level

If you choose to continue to Level 3 you will be sent a questionnaire, asking you a lot more about your home and how you live within it. Once the questionnaire is received we will contact you directly to set up a plan for your home, to take you on a journey to a much more environmentally sustainable direction. This level is specific to your home and household and so is a partnership between you and The Green Plaque team.

'small steps can lead to great strides'

There are two types of subscription to the Green Plaque:

 The Green Membership

The Green Plaque, is an assessment of your home and the way you live in it. Designed to be robust but at the same time fun and informative. 

This membership band involves a one-off payment of £14.99. This will allow you to complete Levels 1 and 2 of the Green Plaque, and you will receive your Green Plaque Window Sticker, once successfully completed. With your Green Plaque Award, will come the resource pack asking you to think about joining up to the Green Plaque Community. You will have access to the Green Plaque Shop, to allow you to take advantage of the products on there, designed to help you in the assessment.

 The Gold Membership

The one we would really like you to sign up to, which is to subscribe monthly at a cost of less than 20 pence per day, and join the Green Plaque Community.

As well as the opportunity to complete Levels 1&2, and achieve the Green Plaque Award.

This membership will take you into Level 3, where we start to get really serious about reducing environmental footprint and saving money. With additional challenges, and a structured format for making significant changes to your home and the way that you live within it.

Within Gold, you will receive product updates, and join our community members’ forum. The forum is full of the latest updates, discussions and news coverage. You will receive a 10% discount on all products bought through our shop, to help you get through the assessment.

5% of all subscriptions will go to a funding account, to offer Green Plaque Gold subscription members the opportunity to elect projects to receive our financial support for innovative new schemes, ideas or products.

We want the Green Plaque Community to be a force in sharing best practice and an influence to policy makers in facilitating...

'small steps, to become great strides'

Come and join us

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