About the Green Plaque

There are over 29 million existing homes in the UK.

Residential energy use accounts for 14% of all UK Global Warming Gas emissions.

Around 20% of existing homes overheat in even the coolest summer.

Average water use exceeds 140 litres per person per day, and is very often significantly higher then this.

Urban green space has contracted by 8% since 2001, further increasing the urban heat effect.

More than two-fifths of animal species have declined in number in the last two decades.

In 2018, the residential sector emitted 65.9 MtCO2, accounting for 18 per cent of all carbon dioxide emissions.

The Green Plaque seeks to address several key environmental issues in the home.

We're not here to lecture you. We are just trying to get people together and to ask them to focus their obvious wish to do something to help the planet, by creating a number of easy to achieve goals.

It is the only detailed accreditation scheme trying to do this.

Designed as a set of measures driven by the home owner or the tenant. 

Designed to be fun, educational and informative, the award can act as a focus to the resident to target their wish to make environmental improvements without seeming to be dictatorial or enforced

The award covers thee levels:-

Level 1: an online submission to encourage people to think about their home and lifestyle, and to make commitments to certain improvements or objectives. The online assessment will be directed to the whole family where applicable and will incorporate information links to other resources to explain the issues and point people toward best practice for any issue. This will lead to a specification of action being produced.

Level 2:  also online and will be geared toward putting into place the commitments made in the action plan. This plan will highlight several improvements that will make an impact but not in anyway seek to incur significant cost. The level will be assessed by the supply of evidence either by the use of photography or a confirmation statement from you, or both.

The scheme is not designed to be overly onerous or vigorous in assessment as with so many of the other environmental assessment methods. But is designed to be robust and detailed. Successful completion at Level 2 will merit the awarding of a green plaque window sticker, which will be supplied by The Green Plaque Scheme.

Yes, we would have loved to have sent out a proper Green Plaque at this stage, but the thought of everybody climbing up ladders and knocking holes in walls scared us a bit. But your Green Placque sticker will be dead cool, and is designed not only to award you, but also to stimulate your neighbours curiosity when they see it. This is the funadmental point of the scheme, to get people to come together (where a viral pandemic allows) to enter into a conversation about what we can do to slow down the rate of environmental damage there is today.

Levels 1 & 2 will address the same fundamental environmental issuess under a number of headings

  • Saving Energy                                                                                      

  • Reducing Consumption                           

  • Water

  • Biodiversity

  • Fixtures and Fittings

  • Lifestyle

  • Keeping Cool    

  • Reduce, Re-use and Recycle

Level 3: this will be a step change for residents.

A questionnaire will be sent about the property and a specification constructed from the completed questionnaire and from photographs provided. The specification will follow the principles of Passivhaus retrofit, but will not be a formal passivehaus assessment. The basic principle is to keep cold air out and warm air in. It's a very simple philosophy to follow and drives level 3 of the Green Plaque. Lifestyle remains key within level 3 as well and this will develop within the forum associated with this stage of the assessment. We are working hard to obtain discounts from suppliers for those products that may benefit you in achieving this level standard.

This level will be a close consultation with the approved and accredited resident and forms a partnership between The Green Plaque and them, to seek a package of changes to significantly improve the environmental efficiency of their home but to also follow through on other more holistic environmental performance targets.

The scheme will be funded through donations, subscription, supplier contribution, general fund raising and consultancy fees, as well as a good deal of blood sweat and tears. Again there is no obligation, it's not designed to make money or force you to anything you don't want to do. But it is a great chance to see what could be done and to think about doing it.

So Join up now and take your first small steps, toward a lower environmental footprint and why not save on your bills along the way.