Green Plaque membership

Going green doesn't have to be a drag.

So while the Green Plaque is an assessment of your home and the way you live in it, it's designed to be robust, as well as fun and informative.

Registration is free.

As well as the opportunity to complete Levels 1 & 2, and achieve the Green Plaque Award.

This membership will take you into Level 3, where we start to get really serious about reducing environmental footprint and saving money. With additional challenges, and a structured format for making significant changes to your home and the way that you live within it. 

Within Gold, you will receive product updates, and join our community members’ forum. The forum is full of the latest updates, discussions and news coverage. You will receive a 10% discount on all products bought through our shop, to help you get through the assessment.

We want the Green Plaque Community to be a force for good; one that shares best practice and influences policymakers.

Come and join us